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Toronto's Affordable Housing Crisis:


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“The COVID-19 crisis has already had a huge effect on HOTT and our 260 residents. Our resident population struggles economically at the best of times. Now this crisis is especially hitting our most vulnerable residents, which include the elderly, the immune compromised, and those who have only recently moved away from homelessness.

Many of our long term residents are struggling due to having lost their jobs. We are responding to this crisis by being in close phone contact or by safe distance door knocking to check on people's physical and mental well-being.

To help our residents cope during these difficult times, we are purchasing and delivering food and hygiene supplies; and ensuring that families have access to child friendly home activities and a wide range of resources.


Our limited janitorial staff are stretched to the limits. We are ensuring that we are continually cleaning and sanitizing the common areas of our twelve HOTT properties to keep our residents safe. Please help us in supporting HOTT's residents by donating today. Your donations will go toward making sure our residents are safe and secure throughout this pandemic. Thank you."


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