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Our properties

HOTT began its journey by offering shared housing for individuals back in 1987.


Currently, HOTT maintains three houses for shared living. These tenants live cooperatively and share common areas and household duties and live as their own little family.

As HOTT grew we increased our number of properties. We now have an additional three houses that have been divided into separate units. These tenants enjoy living in their private spaces with the benefit of having close relationships with their immediate neighbours.

We also have three small apartment complexes. These buildings offer a sense of community and facilitate neighbourly relationships between our tenants as well as with other members of the neighbourhood.

Our final type of property is multi-residential apartment buildings. HOTT has two large apartment buildings with multiple stories. These tenants enjoy connecting with their neighbours within their floors and throughout the building. These buildings create a small community for our tenants and create a connection between all of the residents.

HOTT built two of our twelve properties, one large apartment building and one small apartment building. Another two of our properties were renovated from shared housing into self contained units after receiving input from our tenants regarding their living preferences. The rest of the properties were bought from the private sector and turned into alternative housing by HOTT.

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