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“Not only do they provide me with housing, but they are constantly checking in on me and making sure things are going well for me” - Qassem

While living in Beirut, Qassem was involved in a severe car accident which resulted in him requiring multiple surgeries on his head and back. Upon arrival in Canada in 2013, Qassem received medical treatment in Toronto and was hospitalized for his first month in the country. Following his hospitalization, Qassem lived in supportive housing for three months and was able to receive help from local agencies for newcomers.
Qassem became a HOTT resident early in 2014 and has since moved from shared housing into his own unit. Qassem tells HOTT staff that that he feels very fortunate and appreciative to HOTT for the supportive role that they have played throughout his journey and as he settled into a new country.
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