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Learn more about how HOTT supports our residents. 

Central to our mission is our ability to provide support to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and families that we serve. In response to offering supports and developing relationships with our residents, we begin to see successful outcomes in their daily lives. These include stability, independence, hope for the future, improvements in health and wellness, and maintaining their housing.

The role of our housing support program primarily focuses on eviction prevention. HOTT’s model is founded in relationship building in order to understand the unique needs of each household. Our support team utilises various methods in helping prevent eviction in our vulnerable tenants including payment plans, resume building, and other ongoing tools to help support our clients’ housing stability.

Supporting our residents also involves advocating for our tenants, providing referrals, and providing emergency provisions. HOTT serves on the City of Toronto's Advisory Committee on Protection of Affordable Rental Housing where we help to inform the City’s response to eviction prevention, illegitimate tenant evictions, educational materials for tenants and landlords, and policy amendments. In response to specific household needs, we support our residents by referring them to appropriate resources throughout the community for services that fall outside of HOTT’s mandate. As many of our residents come from homelessness or struggle financially, we are committed to providing emergency supplies like clothing, hygiene and cleaning products, and food. We often also support residents in need by providing furniture and household items to help kickstart building their home.

Our housing support staff rely on relationship building, mutual respect, and professionalism to help our residents thrive. We understand that each of our residents is unique and all come from diverse backgrounds. We continue to strive to do our best in meeting the diverse needs of the individuals and families that our organization serves.

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